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It has never been so easy to return to your camp through CCUSA!

  1. Contact your camp and indicate that you want to return to them. Ask them for an email, invitation letter, your 2022 contract or the CCUSA Returnee Invitation form.
  2. Complete the CCUSA online registration application. If you already have a CCUSA Footprints portal, log in, select the Camp Counselors USA program, the system should prefill in some of your answers. Upload a new photo and pay the Application fee. 
  3. Next confirm the program option you are returning on Support Staff or Camp Counselor. 
  4. Next complete the next sections of your application (once again some information will be prefilled so just check and update).
  5. Sign the Online Program Agreement 
  6. Email to Hungary@ccusa.hu your invite/email/contract of returnee inviation. 

NOTE: Even if you have NOT used CCUSA before, we can help you get back to camp.


The Returnee Program Fee
What you pay for CCUSA € 375
What you earn? * Talk to your camp directly about this
* If this is your 2nd year on the program as a Camp Counselor/Support Staff and you did not use CCUSA for your last J1 visa. You pay CCUSA: € 375

Other costs
Police Check FREE Every returner is required to get a police check every year.
J-1 visa fee $ 160 USD The Cost for the J1 visa (pay when you do your visa application).
Insurance  €4.00 per day to extend.
€0.95 per day to upgrade to the Premium insurance 
You receive insurance for the duration of your camp contract, if you want to travel after camp is completed, you will need to pay the pre day rate. This is to be paid to CCUSA prior to departure.
Air ticket Budget around 170,000HUF to about 300,000 HUF It is worth buying it as soon as possible. The sooner you get it, the cheaper it can be.
Health History form Variable It's usually free, but some doctors can ask for money.
These third party costs are not charged by CCUSA but do make up your total application


  • Insurance for the duration of your camp contract
  • 24 hours emergency assitance while you are in the United States.
  • Help with visa application and DS-2019 form, which is essential to obtain a J-1 visa.
  • Personal assistance from the CCUSA Budapest Office.


This isn't always possible, but to try a new camp you will need to get a recommendation from your old camp and write up why you want to try a new camp. Please download and get these documents complete below.  

NOTE: You will also be considered a first time applicant again as you are going to a new camp for the first time.