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Work at an American Summer Camp from €275

Choose 1 of 2 program options

Camp Support Staff - Earn up to US$1250 with the CCUSA paid flight or US$1800 using your own flight - For 9 weeks.

Camp Counselors – Earn between US$750 – US$1150 with the CCUSA paid flight US$1335 - $1795 using your own flight

If you work longer than 9 weeks earn US$49 per day as Support Staff or US$39 per day as Camp Counselor.

CCUSA has 17 years of 100% placement for our accepted participants at American Summer Camps.


CCUSA Hungary has been hosting students for more than 27 years in fantastic and accredited summer camps throughout the United States. As the "Summer Camp Expert", we take great care to ensure that every participant gets a perfect campsite location. We know that you will find the best camp for you with the specialized "Placement Coordinators" in our US office.


  • For one and a half centuries, in 1861, the American camp movement began. There are now more than 12,000 summer camps across the United States and each year they provide more than 20 million children.
  • The camps are located in the most beautiful and affluent areas of the country.
  • Camps offer campers with a variety of backgrounds to gather and learn valuable, lifelong experiences in an appropriate / inspiring environment.
  • There are often ponds, pools, sports grounds, opportunities for learning and practicing creative and performing arts, ropeways, riding tracks and more! There is literally something for everyone!

Summer camp work is time-consuming and exhaustive, but the reward is huge. Your role in the camp requires that:

  • be an ambassador to your country;
  • act as a role model for your campers and companions;
  • be active and always show a positive attitude;
  • be sociable and enthusiastically sharing your skills and experiences with others;
  • make sure the campers are safe and enjoyable.

For more information on how to live, travel and work overseas, go to one of our exciting "info meetings" in your own neighborhood or neighborhood. This is a great way to get first-hand information from our representatives, at the same time as CCUSA participants.


We are an official visa sponsor. We are working directly with the US government to ensure that our camps and participants comply with state regulations. Since 1986 we have been helping young people from all over the world to be part of a lifetime experience.


  1. Because   we are an official visa sponsor : CCUSA is a so-called. "Official Visa Designated Sponsor".
  2. Because we provide a  100% financial guarantee  :
    • Is not your language skills yet good enough? We wait until it's done (no fee).
    • Do not you get an American visa for something? We recommend Canadian camps instead of a visa sticker.
    • Maybe we can not place it? Your full application fee will be returned.
  3. Because  we have been experiencing : for 31 years, the Budapest office has been sending students to the USA for 29 years.
  4. Because in summer  we will be with you too : our mentor representatives and almost all members of the Budapest office will again be participating in our summer programs this year.
  5. Because so far  over 6,500 Hungarian applicants have been placed abroad!
  6. Because we have a variety of programs: we can place a student and a  "non-student" .
  7. Because we offer  summer internships  and a one and  a half year internship program  for our returning applicants.
  8. Because you can choose a destination country with us: you can try  Canada , the  USA or even European countries.
  9. Because in our Job Vacancies  you can choose an employer and not choose you.
  10. Because  Mentor and Interviewing Student Representatives in your school  are available throughout the year to help you sign up and hereafter.

+1. ... because you will find the BEST PRICE CHARGES, highest payrolls and the best fitness package at our site.